We develop affordable applications for your research

with customized antibodies, reagent and assay method, we prepare the affordable applications for your research in food safety, animal testing and companion animal testing.

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ELISA Kit for food analysis

for quantitative testing of analyte in food matrix

Testing Tools for Animals

Ringbio online store for test kits

Livestock and Poultry Tests

Kit for testing pregnancy in cows using whole blood, pregnancy test for pigs, tests for bird flu and avian leukosis. Not for selling in US.

Small animal ELISA Kit

for research testing of cat, dog, mink, etc of antibodies in serum and plasma samples

  • Our Expertise

    We have professional knowledge and know-how in the field of diagnostics, from bioassay development to commercial product finalization.

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    More than 200 empolyees with different technical background to help you in various aspects of your needs. Your satisfaction is our pursue.

  • Our Customers

    Serving more than 1000 industry and academic customers from world reknown labs, food manufacturers and government authoritiies, we are sure of our promises.

All veterinary test products are not for selling and distributing in the USA. Any questions, please contact info@ringbio.com.