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Bovine Whole Blood Pregnancy Rapid Test Kit, Cattle pregnancy test, Cow pregnancy test kit

Bovine Whole Blood Pregnancy Rapid Test Kit, Cattle pregnancy test, Cow pregnancy test kit

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Bovine Whole Blood Pregnancy Rapid Test Kit, Cattle pregnancy test, Cow pregnancy test kit is a 15min rapid test kit for the detection of cow pregnancy using whole blood, serum or plasma sample. 

The kit is based on sandwich immunochromatographic assay to detect the bovine Pregnancy Associated Glycoproteins (bPAG), which is a specific marker for cow pregnancy. 

This kit can detect as early as 28 days post breeding or AI. This kit is applied for cows. Not for bulls. 

  • This kit detects open cows with plasma or serum samples at 28 days post AI with accuracy >99%. 
  • To better use this kit in your reproduction program, use it with ultrasound scanners together to set your own program and improve the reproduction efficiency.


  • For testing on day 35 and earlier, use plasma or serum as sample.
  • For testing on day 40 and later, serum, plasma and blood can all be used as sample.
Product Code 200034
Description Bovine Whole Blood Pregnancy Rapid Test Kit, cow pregnancy test kit
Unit Size

5tests, 25tests per box. Each test is packed in an individual package, in which there are, 

  • Bovine pregnancy rapid test card, 1pc
  • Disposable lancet or needle, 1pc
  • Disposable dropper, 2pcs
  • Disposable blood tube, 1pc

Check the picture on the left for details.

  • Plasma, Serum: collect from Day 28 post AI.
  • Whole blood: collect from Day 35 post AI.
Species Bovine, cattle, cow
Storage Store 2-30 oC in dry and dark place. Do not freeze. Avoid direct sunlight.
Sensitivity 98.3%
Specificity 97.5%
Stability Up to 18 months when stored properly.

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