Q: Whether we have our own factory?

A: Ring Biotechnology Co,. Ltd is certified to ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001 and GMP with the scope of research, production, sales of food safety and animal diagnostic products. We have a building of over 5000m2 with R&D center, production facility, etc. Currently, we have more than 300 employees working for us.

Q: Whether the products are independently developed?

A:Our company has a professional R&D team, composed of doctoral and master's professionals. Products are provided by our company core technology, independent research and development, some products have applied for patents in China. And we're working on filing more patents. If you need relevant documents, please contact your sales specialist to obtain.

Q: How to get samples?

A: Any customer who gets in touch with us will have a sales specialist at your service. You can consult your sales specialist for relevant questions and get professional technical explanation. You will need to pay a small fee and shipping fee when collecting samples, but this is not absolute, please consult your sales specialist for details.

Q: You didn't find the product you were looking for on the website?

A: The products listed on this website are only part of our products. If you want more, please contact our sales specialists, they will find or recommend the right products for you. 

Q: Whether the products have been tested and delivered?

A:   Your products will be inspected by our professional quality inspection personnel before delivery. After the inspection is completed, our logistic team will help for packaging and delivery. And within the scope of responsibility, we will do our best to provide you with better service to ensure the smooth delivery of your products. 

       Of course, if you have any questions after receiving the goods, you can also consult sales specialist to seek solutions.