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Melamine Rapid Test Kit

Melamine Rapid Test Kit

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Melamine is a common industry chemical, which was used illegally in milk to increase the protein content measured by classic Kjeldahl method. Milk products prepared from milk contaminated with melamine will directly damage the urinary system, for instance, it will cause kidney stone in infant, whose main food is milk powder. FAO has set a strict MRL to melamine in milk, other countries, such as China, USA also set MRLs.

This product utilizes the high affinity of monoclonal antibody against melamine, which can easily identify its contamination in samples without any instrument. The detection limit of the kit is 30ppb.

Product Code 400002K
Description Melamine Rapid Test Kit
Unit Size 96tests
Applications milk
Storage Store 2-8 oC in cool dark place, do not freeze.
Stability Up to 12 months when stored properly

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