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Feline Blood Typing Kit, cat blood typing, type A, B and AB

Feline Blood Typing Kit, cat blood typing, type A, B and AB

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As the practice of veterinary transfusion medicine has undergone tremendous growth in recent years, the importance of identifying blood groups in cats has increased. In particular, the demand for identifying blood groups is on the rise, because only by predetermining the blood type of a blood transfusion recipient can potentially fatal transfusion mistakes be avoided.

This Feline Blood Typing Kit is a 2min rapid test kit for cat blood typing, which can identify cat blood type A, B and AB.


This is a new VERSION of feline blood type rapid test kit, it is now based on Lateral Flow Rapid Test Technology. (updated on June 11, 2024).

If you order the kit after June 11, this kit is a 10-tests coagulation test kit (product code: VPZ3009), in which 10 rapid test cards are included.

If you order the kit before June 11, this kit is a 5-tests coagulation test kit(product code: T012), in which 5 tests are included.


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Product Code VPZ3009
Description Feline Blood Typing Kit, cat blood typing, type A, B and AB
Unit Size 10tests
Applications blood
Species Feline, cat

This product is shipped at room temperature. Please stored at 2-30oC in dry and dark place upon received. Do not freeze. Avoid direct sunlight.

Sensitivity 100%
Specificity 100%
Stability Up to 12 months when stored properly.

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