Anti foot and mouth disease virus FMDV serotype O monoclonal antibody / Clone #5F1-1F1


Generated with whole FMDV Serotype O in mouse, this antibody react with FMDV Serotype O and does not cross react with other virus. This Anti foot and mouth disease virus FMDV Serotype O monoclonal antibody is used in immunoassays to detect FMDV Serotype O specificly.


The foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) is the pathogen that causes foot-and-mouth disease. It is a picornavirus, the prototypical member of the genus Aphthovirus. The disease, which causes vesicles (blisters) in the mouth and feet of bovids, suids, ovids, caprids and other cloven-hoofed animals is highly infectious and a major plague of animal farming.
FMDV occurs in seven major serotypes: O, A, C, SAT-1, SAT-2, SAT-3, and Asia-1. These serotypes show some regionality, and the O serotype is most common.

This Product

This product is a murine monoclonal antibody against FMDV Serotype O. The immunogen used is a commercial triple-complex vaccine.


ELISA, lateral flow immunoassay.


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