Anti avian leukosis virus P27 protein monoclonal antibody / clone # 9G6-1A2


Generated with recombinant P27 protein of ALV in mouse, this antibody reacts with ALV group specificly. This Anti avian leukosis virus P27 protein monoclonal antibody is used in immunoassays to detect ALV specificly.

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Avian sarcoma leukosis virus (ASLV) is an endogenous retrovirus that infects and can lead to cancer in chickens; experimentally it can infect other species of birds and mammals. ASLV replicates in chicken embryo fibroblasts, the cells that contribute to the formation of connective tissues. Lymphoid leukosis is the most common form of this disease and with typical presentation of gradual onset, persistent low mortality, and neoplasia of the bursa. Subgroups A, B, E and J are the major subgroups of avian leukosis virus (ALV) infecting chickens. ALV infection has become endemic in many countries and has a significant negative effect on the poultry industry.
As the capsid protein, P27 is the group-specific antigen of ALV and has many viral antigen sites, which enable the easy detection of the virus itself, and based on which ELISA or lateral flow immunoassay were further developed for laboratory testing purpose.

This Product

This product is a murine monoclonal antibody against avian leukosis virus. The immunogen used is a recombinant P27 protein from E Coli system.


ELISA, lateral flow immunoassay, and other immunoassays


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