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African Swine Fever RT-PCR Kit validated by Ministry of Agriculture

According to the announcement from Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, RINGBIO ASFV RT-PCR Kit is validated against OIE Asf protocols. The results showed that RINGBIO ASFV RT-PCR kit is working properly in terms of the sensitivity, specificity and reproducibility. The operation is simple and easy, which are then recommended national wide to detect ASF.

According to this document, RINGBIO is now free to sell its ASFV RT-PCR kit in farms, slaughter house, government labs, third-party labs, etc, in China.

More about this ASFV RT-PCR Test Kit

African Swine Fever (ASF) is an acute, febrile infectious disease of pigs caused by ASFV, the fatality rate is up to 100%. This kit uses fluorescence probe PCR (RT-PCR) method to detect ASFV, realized the qualitatively or semi-quantitatively detection of ASFV nucleic acid through real-time monitoring of fluorescence signal changes in the PCR process, this method is rapid and accurate, which is helpful for diagnosis, monitoring and epidemiological investigation of ASF.

This ASFV RT-PCR Test Kit is 50tests/pack, which does not require pre-extraction for blood or serum samples. The detection time is 45min. Result will be available in 60min for routine analysis. It can also be used to detect ASFV nucleic acid in pig tissue, lymph node and spleen.

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