Before order

Since all products on are produced for research purposes, it is better to contact us before any real order occurs. If you are not sure about the products, you can always contact us for help.

The unit size of the antibodies, recombinant proteins, or antigens displayed on this website is set as 0.2mg unless otherwise specified. The unit size of all reagent kits is 96tests if not specified in the product description. The price displayed is for these specification. Please always contact us for quotation on different package sizes. Bulk orders will have higher discount.

To contact us or buy from us directly, you need to let us know your lab name, your phone number, your email, etc. To get a specific guide to your experiment, you may also need to provide your experiment purpose, so that our technicians are able to help you at our best effort.

Currently, most of the products (95% or above) of the listed products on are already being validated both internally and externally, we are sure of the quality and performance in our assay systems. However, due to the different techniques used, and the different buffer systems, you may encounter problems, in this case, please contact us immediately for help.